Botox - natural product with positive properties

Duration of treatment
approx. 30 minutes
Treatment success
successful treatment effect after 3 to 14 days
Duration of Effect
3-6 months

Many patients are concerned that the face may freeze into a motionless mask after Botox treatment. This fear is unfounded with the treatment I practice! For me, the focus of my aesthetic treatments is a natural result. The face, the facial expressions, the skin condition of each individual patient is different, so I individually coordinate the use and dosage of the active ingredient.

Botox is used today for many more types of wrinkles than in the past. In addition to the classic Botox areas of application - the so-called "frown lines" on the forehead and / or crow's feet - the lower facial areas can also be treated. Drooping corners of the mouth, for example, receive an upward movement in which the downward-pulling muscles are inhibited. The facial expressions appear more positive, the whole face is much more relaxed and vital. In the case of deeper wrinkles, the additional use of hyaluronic acid fillers, which build up from the inside, can be useful. The skin is smoothed, the complexion looks fresh, and the natural facial expressions are completely retained!

Botulinum toxin A, or Botox for short, has its negative reputation among the general public, and wrongly so. No other active ingredient in aesthetic medicine has been researched for as long and as extensively as bacterial protein, which occurs naturally and contains a highly effective active ingredient for wrinkle treatment.

Especially mimic wrinkles, which are caused by strong strain on various facial muscles, can be successfully treated with Botox. The active ingredient is injected directly into the causing muscles and remains there locally, i.e., it does not enter the bloodstream. The treatment is hardly noticeable, because the Botox is injected with the finest needles in minimal quantities.
The effect occurs at the earliest after about 2-3 days, but it can take up to 10 -14 days until the maximum treatment effect is achieved. The effects of botulinum toxin usually last about 3-6 months.

Depending on the dosage of the active ingredient, the activity of the muscle is temporarily weakened. The muscles gradually relax, the facial features appear finer, fresher, and smoother. With repeated treatment, the treated muscle group becomes increasingly relaxed, so that wrinkles can even recede in the long term.

Botulinum toxin is not only used in the treatment of wrinkles, it is also successfully used to combat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and teeth grinding (bruxism).