Liquid lifting-The moisture booster for the skin

Duration of treatment
approx. 30 minutes
Treatment success
Duration of Effect
6 months

Over the years, our skin loses volume: the subcutaneous fatty tissue and elasticity in the face decrease, the excess skin on cheeks or around the mouth sinks due to gravity. The face looks older, often sunken and wrinkles increasingly form.
 Through targeted injections with specially developed, high-quality hyaluronic acid fillers (hence the name "liquid") the tissue can be rebuilt, and the wrinkles disappear.

MD Codes - Your Individual Rejuvenation Plan

I work according to the MD codes of Dr. Mauricio de Maio, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon from Brazil. In his special method, hyaluronic acid is injected at various key points on the face in order to achieve the optimal rejuvenation effect for each patient according to an individual treatment plan. Depending on the desired effect or how the patient would like to feel afterwards, individual facial areas are specifically treated according to the MD codes.

Like de Maio, I always focus on the initial emotional situation of my patients in my treatments. What do you wish for when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning? Do you want to look less tired? Do you find your facial expression strained, limp or even sad? Or have the wrinkles on your forehead and chin even given you a disgruntled, angry expression over the years? Our facial expressions often do not correspond to our self-image at all. The aim of de Maio's method is to remove these "negative massages" from the patients' faces.